Microsoft Access Calendar Tool
View or Print Schedule by Month, Week, Day

See Key Dates in Your Database at a Glance

Does your database have several date fields? How can you keep track of these dates? How can you get the big picture in order to make better evaluations and better decisions? This calendar tool gives you a handle on your dates.

This tool provides a template that you can easily modify to fit your own database. Notice the four colored date fields below. In place of these four dates, imagine your own date fields there. You may have fewer, or with custom programming you may have more.

View Your Schedule by Month, by Week, or by Day

Viewing by month leaves a small amount of space for each day. To show more information you can change the time span. The printed report (shown below) reflects the time span you choose.

To show maximum information, show one day at a time.

More Features

To accommodate computer screens of different sizes, you can easily change the size of the days in your calendar. The example below shows a smaller size for each day. Once you change the size, the program remembers it. If you run this program from a network, and if you have multiple users, you can put the calendar table into a local database on each users' computer, and then each user will have their own uniquely sized calendar.

Another way to show more information is to click on a specific date within a specific day. In the example below, notice that I clicked on the Proposal Date for Customer43 on Wednesday, June 1. That customer's information now shows in the upper left corner. There's more. If I were to double-click, then it would open the form where that customer's information was first entered. All of this is modifiable to fit your own database.

Print a Report Showing the Dates You Select

If you're viewing by month, then the report prints the month. If you're viewing by week, then the report prints the week. Likewise for day. Furthermore, the report can show either all dates or some dates, according to the checkboxes you have checked. For example, if you have only Invoice Date checked, then the report prints only Invoice Dates. But if you have all the checkboxes checked, then the report shows all the dates. (This is a sample. The actual report will include the actual dates that you have in your own database. A wizard automatically customizes your calendar and report.)

The Best Part: Your Setup Wizard

In previous versions it used to take hours to customize the calendar for your database. But now it just takes a couple minutes, because a wizard automates the process. Can you point and click? Then you can have your customized calendar in a flash.

Download Yours Right Now

Better than designing your own from scratch, better even than getting a template and spending hours customizing it, get this ready-made calendar schedule, and let the wizard customize it for your own database. You'll be so pleased, and so will your client or boss. I guarantee it. Of course, if it's not everything you expect, then you can get your money back. (Comes in an Access 2000 database which you can convert to any more recent version.)

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