Microsoft Access Security Tool Alternative

Intuitive easy-to-use security wizard for MS Access.

The built-in Microsoft Access security tool has all you need, but personally, I find this wizard that I created easier to use. What's the difference? The Microsoft database security tool has the users in a combobox, meaning you can access only one user at a time. But my tool lists the users in a listbox, meaning you can see them all at once, and you can more easily move users to and from groups.

To further streamline the process, it's so easy to add groups or add users. Just type them in. The Access wizard, on the other hand, requires clicking a button first and then typing. If you're adding a lot of users, you may find this a time-saver.

This tool does not completely replace the Access wizard. The Access wizard gives you more control over passwords, but this tool automatically assigns a default password (again, the purpose is to streamline the process). And that's why this tool has an Accounts and Passwords button that goes to the built-in Access wizard. This gives you more flexibility over all.

An extra feature is the button to create a desktop shortcut. Did you notice the desktop shortcut button in the screen print above?

This comes in an Access 2000 database (which you can convert to your current version of Access). Most importantly, it comes with complete VBA code, giving you full control. You can tweak this tool to work any way you want. Make it your own tool.

This easy-to-use security tool, fully customizable, complete with VBA code, is ready for download right now. It's only $19 with a satisfaction money-back guarantee.

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Cool Tools for Access
Effortless results in record time! Automate tedious programming tasks (forms, queries, reports).