Wizard to Manage Remote Backend MS Access Database Tables, Fields, and Indexes

How to easily change tables, fields, indexes after splitting your Access database

If your Microsoft Access database is split into front end and back end, how can you easily modify, or automatically change, the table structure on the back end? You could manually open the backend database and make the changes. But you may find this simple development tool faster, easier, and more convenient.

This wizard makes it easy to add new fields, modify field properties (change field size, change from numeric to text, or rename field), move field position, or delete fields. You can even add an autonumber field. Transfer actual tables or just links to tables from one remote database to another remote database. Create new indexes, modify indexes, delete indexes.

Do all this without actually opening the remote database. Just use this tool which comes in it's own Access 2016 database. (If you need an earlier version, let me know.) To manually modify tables, fields, and indexes the old fashioned way would take clicking and clicking here and there in order to drill down to see what you want to see. But look how easy this is. View tables, fields, and indexes at a glance. And all this without even opening the remote database. (Although this tool is designed for remote databases, it also works with the current database.)

Now scroll down a bit and study the various actions you can perform on your remote database. It's easy, isn't it? Oh, by the way, this database management tool comes with VBA code, giving you absolute full control. Just think of the possibilities!

Take charge of your remote databases right away. Download your wizard now. Satisfaction money-back guarantee.

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