Rename Controls Faster and Easier

Use this Advanced Development Tool to Standardize Your Microsoft Access Database

Have you inherited an MS Access database that has no naming convention? You want to name the controls on the forms and reports in a consistent manner, and now you're faced with a daunting time-consuming task. But now you can save hours and hours of time, and have more fun doing it too.

The Change Control Names wizard features:

  • Change one control name or several at once.
  • Automatically change control prefixes, using any prefix you choose.
  • Change captions.
  • Change control sources.
  • Automatically change references in queries to the control name.
  • Automatically change the corresponding VB code in the class module that refers to the control name.
  • View the corresponding VB code to help you choose an appropriate control name.
  • Save the form or report at any time, after each change, or after several changes.
  • Easily back out the changes by closing the form or report without saving it.

The screen above highlights a combobox control that has VBA code associated with it. The screen below highlights a label control, and it shows the results of a recent change to the label caption.

This development tool provides fine granular control over your changes. Not only do you choose the forms and reports to change, but you also choose which controls to change and how to change them.

For example, suppose you want to change the control prefix for text boxes to "txt" but you want to leave the prefixes for command buttons alone. The wizard has the flexibility to change the prefix for one control or for all textboxes on the object. On the other hand, if you want to change the prefix for textboxes and command buttons, and leave the other types of controls alone, then you can put a checkmark by textboxes and command buttons while unchecking labels, comboboxes, listboxes, and the rest, and then instantly change the prefixes for the selected control types with the blink of an eye. In other words, you can change the prefixes for as few or as many controls as you wish.

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This utility comes complete with VB code, and if you can program in Access, then you have full power to change any functionality. Download your Change Control Name wizard now. Satisfaction money-back guarantee.

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