Link Checker Tool In Excel For Website Designers


Manage your web site links easier than ever.
View links and anchor text in collapsable outline format.
See your sitemap big picture or drill down to details.

Make sense of the maze of links on your website. This affordable Excel tool automatically groups and outlines your web links. That means you can collapse and expand as you pinpoint parts of your site map to find faster, manage easier, and design more efficiently.

This link checker tool searches a web site and places the links in outline format on an Excel spreadsheet. This format enables you to instantly target what part of the site map to view. More than that, you can also target what kind of links to check. This software finds three kinds of links in your website:

  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Mailto links

Choose one, two, or all three types of links to check. This provides custom control over web design and development, because the Excel software documents only the website links you choose.

As the website tool documents your links and anchor text, it also validates each one and tests for broken links.

How does it work? An Excel macro opens the web page for each URL using a call to wininet.dll. Links in flash, frames and javascript are not validated, nor are links that require passwords. Also, a firewall may prevent a connection. To prevent an endless loop while crawling internal links, the program drills down the first time it encounters a link, but not subsequent times. So as you traverse the tree of links afterwards, keep in mind that you want to go to the first mention of a link if you want to drill down that link. The program does not crawl external links, except to validate if they are broken or not, because the purpose is to document one web site.

What sets this website development tool apart from other webmaster resources?

  • It documents anchor text associated with each link so that you can recognize the location on the web page.
  • It documents any combination of internal, external, and mailto links.
  • It puts the resulting sitemap on an Excel worksheet in a user-friendly group and outline format.
  • A hotkey instantly opens any link in your default browser.
  • It runs an Excel macro for which you have the modifiable source code in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  • Compared to some solutions that cost hundreds of dollars, this is an affordable addition to your web site design and management tools. And it comes with a money-back guarantee.



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