Petition for Family Friendly
Checkstand Zone in Grocery Stores

Have you noticed how embarrassing it is to take your kids through the checkstand area at the grocery store? The sexist magazine covers are not only something I wouldn't want my kids to see, but as a married man, I don't want them to be thrust in front of my face either.

At my local store I showed the store manager a letter like the one below. When he said that the placement of the magazines was not up to him, I asked his permission to collect signatures in front of the store in order to send to the main office. He was nice enough to say yes, and so I stood outside the store and got signatures under the following letter. The main office was unresponsive at first, but after several follow ups, I got a letter which said in part, "If we receive complaints about a particular magazine, our Store Manager can make the decision to move that issue to another location." According to that response, the store manager has more decision-making power than the head office admitted at the beginning.

I believe the checkstand area should be family friendly, because everyone has no choice but to pass through there. If you believe that too, then I invite you to personally take a letter like the one below to your store manager.

Dear Store Manager,

As a shopper in your store, I would like to express my discomfort over a distraction from the pleasant shopping experience here. It's the semi-pornographic sexist magazines at the checkstands.

I know this is a free country and you can choose to sell anything you want. But this shopper would enjoy shopping here more if those magazines were moved away from the checkstand and back to the magazine aisle. This would show respect for the choices of me, the shopper.

If pornography is in a movie, I can choose not to go to the movie. If it's on TV, I can choose to turn off the TV. If it's at the magazine aisle, I can choose to skip that aisle. But if it's at the checkstand, then that bothers me, because I, along with my children, have to walk through there.


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